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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Back Home Again

My, how quickly five days flew by. Maria and I are home again safe and sound. Our time with Nola was wonderful but of course too short. It seems like just about the time things start falling in to place, it's time to leave again. Nola has changed so much since just ten weeks ago when we saw her last. She has two teeth. She is not quite walking, but she is really a climber! Give her some steps, no matter how many, and she'll tackle them. She has also acquired a hefty little attitude! Wow! If she's not happy, everybody knows it! I think there may be something to that "Red Hot Latina Temper" I've heard tell of.

I'm so ready to bring her home and I think Maria may be ready to bring her home too. This visit went really well for the two of them together. Maria loved playing with Nola (as long as Nola wasn't playing with Maria's toys.) It was fun watching them interact. I only had to play referee a few times and I saw lots of hugs and kisses between the two of them.
Below are several pictures. I had planned to do a slide show, but I have tons of work to get caught up on and no time to try to figure out "how" to do a slide show.

One of the very few pics of the two of them.........smiling at the same the same place

Maria love helping to feed Nola

What a Happy Girl!!!

Our Foster Family with Nola on her birthday

Nola, not at all impressed with the birthday cake.

The birthday girl!

Happy Birthday Sweetie!


Ferrick said...

You know I have been stalking your blog for an update. :) Email me when you have time. Blessings, Susie
p.s. she is BEAUTIFFUL!

Eric and Michelle said...

Oh I love the pics.... so glad you had that time and looking forward to her coming home.

Becky said...

The pictures of Maria and Nola together are priceless. SO glad that you were able to spend her birthday with her.

Lisa said...

Oh Pam the photos of the girls are amazing. And where is the Mommy???
I can't wait to get my hands on that little darling.
Lisa and Ella

The gFamily said...

SO glad you had a great trip! I loved seeing Maria and Nola together!! PRECIOUS!! They are such beautiful girls!!

Happy Birthday sweet Nola!!!! Praying for you to come home very soon!!!

Sandy said...

She's gorgeous!!! Glad you and Maria had a good trip, but you're right...they're always too short. Praying for your out....

Steph said...

Oh wow! Seeing your two beautiful girls together brought tears to my eyes. Happy Birthday, Nola!!!!

Hoping for good news soon. Enough already!

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