The greatest experience, the one which shakes a soul with hopes and fears, the results of which are never ending, and incidentally, the one which pays the biggest dividends, is to be found in the adoption of children.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Unbelievable...............'s started......................ALREADY!!!!!

You know that time of year, preceding Christmas, when it seems like every TV commercial is advertising the newest and best gotta have it toy. Maria is buying right in to it! This morning already I've been called in for a Pillow Pets commercial, a Dora DVD commercial but the last one was the best one. Maria called, "come 'ere Momma, hurry". I came in to see a Huggies commercial playing. Of course, I was wondering what was coming next when she said "just". The commercial showed how Huggies diapers are cut so they are better fitted to an active toddler, all the while a little one is running and the daddy is running after him. At the end of the commercial there is a close up of the Huggies package and the Daddy's running foot steps right beside the package. At that point Maria speaks up "right there! I want those running shoes". I had to laugh..............................and then turn off the TV.

I also wanted to share how our family is growing..............

We have fourteen baby water turtles that have hatched over the last week. I dug up the nest when I thought they would have hatched only to find out they hadn't hatched yet. We (I should say I) brought them in the kitchen and kept an eye on them. I absolutely loved watching them!

Below is our first hatchling in Kelsey's hand. She named him Dimitri. Not sure why the name, I guess she thought it was a fitting name for a tiny turtle.

This little guy just couldn't decide if he wanted to come out into the world or not. It took him a few days to finally make up his mind.

Turtles, turtles everywhere! We're down to eleven now. Three little guys have found new homes with most of the rest of them spoken for. What fun! I've thoroughly enjoyed them! They're just my opinion;)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Feliz Cumpleanos Nolita!

It's hard to believe our little Nola is two years old today! It makes me sad to think no one is celebrating her special day with her. Last year at this time, we were in Guatemala with presents and cake, of course. When we left, I certainly never imagined she would still be there today.

We had a conference call with our agency, the other four families still in process and our lawyers. The only positive information we were given is that mid October is election time in Guatemala and it's possible our judge will be replaced. That would certainly be to our advantage, since our current judge seems to have no regard for the children. I guess it would only be to our advantage if her replacement has a place in his or her heart for the children and families waiting to be united.

Our lawyer did petition for permission to check on Nola on a regular basis. He cited a Guatemalan law in his petition that gives him the right to have contact with her. We'll see what happens.

My prayers are going to be directed at our judge. I'm asking God to soften her heart. Her actions are currently keeping families from being united. Her lack of compassion is sentencing children to countless days in orphanages. Our lawyer said it best today when he said "she doesn't seem to care that there is a child connected to all of that paper work". If it's God's will for her to be replaced in the coming elections, I'm sure she will be. Until then, we have to pray that she has compassion on the children and families who have upcoming hearings.

We're going to have a lot of catching up to do when you finally get home little one. What a party that will be!!! But until then we'll just have to send you love and kisses from afar.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NOLA!!!!! We love you!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


"And I wonder,

Still I wonder,

Who'll stop the rain."

The blog title is a Longfellow quote. The opening is part of the chorus from a CCR classic.
Why the reference to rain? Cause I think we're in the middle of a stinkin' MONSOON!!!!
Not literally , of course, but in the case of our adoption the rain just seems to keep on falling.
We heard from our agency yesterday. The judge with our case has set a new hearing date.
The new date is June 24, 2010! No, you did not misread that. It's June 24, 2010!!!!!!!!!
I was disappointed after the hearing in August, but disappointment doesn't even come close to describing how I feel now. I think numb is more like it. Angry, frustrated and
dumbfounded also come to mind. There is nothing anyone can say to make me believe
our judge has the best interest of children in mind when making her decisions. This is purely political! What a shame that helpless children are the victims in this mess.

I could rant and rave on and on but my anger wont accomplish anything. I just had to vent and now I have to find a way to channel my anger and frustration into something positive.
Nothing is going to make me stop fighting until we bring our little Nola home...................No
matter how long it takes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No matter what they throw at us baby, we're not giving up!

Another Longfellow quote:

“Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody."

I'm ready to do some knockin'!!!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

30 YEARS..........WOW!!!!!!!


30 years ago today, Mark and I were married outside by the pond at Taylor Chapel in Farmersburg, Indiana. We were very young, very "thin", very naive, and ready to take on the world (or so we thought). Today, we aren't so young, although we still feel like we are. We certainly aren't thin (or I guess I should say "I'm" not thin) but we're better equipped, emotionally and mentally, to take on the world. We have grown and changed and through our life together we have learned we are so much better together than we could ever be on our own. We have five kids (waiting on number six) and one grand child (waiting for more). (Do I sound like someone who's always wanting?)

To celebrate our milestone anniversary, Mark and I took off Friday morning on the bike for Cumberland Falls Kentucky. We probably took every winding, uphill, downhill, paved road between here and there (Mark's favorite way to go). The weather was beautiful (on the way down) and we had a great time riding. Saturday morning we headed for the falls. WOW! Absolutely Beautiful!

Cumberland Falls is the only falls in the Western Hemisphere where, during a full moon on a clear night, the moon light creates a moonbow through the mist of the falls. Unfortunately, the skies were cloudy Saturday night so viewing the "Moonbow" was not an option. Even without the moonbow, the park and the surrounding area are a must see. We stayed in Corbin Kentucky, birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and yes we did have some KFC while we were there.

The tobacco fields and the black tobacco barns were more of my favorite scenic views. The patchwork quilt block paintings in the gables of the barns were a call back to a simpler time when life was slower and maybe less complicated.

Our ride home left a little to be desired. We rode through pouring rain in 62 degree temps without rain suits.....................not so fun! It rained long enough to get us thoroughly soaked and chilled to the bone. The good thing about riding is you dry out pretty quick when the rain stops.

Last Saturday, the kids took us out to celebrate. We went to Stables, a fantastic steak house and had a great time and absolutely delicious food! They had a cake made for us with our engagement picture on it. Talk about taking us back!

It's hard to believe 30 years have gone by.

Here's to the next 30! Love you honey!

Gordon Mote - Don't Miss the Glory