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Monday, September 21, 2009

Unbelievable...............'s started......................ALREADY!!!!!

You know that time of year, preceding Christmas, when it seems like every TV commercial is advertising the newest and best gotta have it toy. Maria is buying right in to it! This morning already I've been called in for a Pillow Pets commercial, a Dora DVD commercial but the last one was the best one. Maria called, "come 'ere Momma, hurry". I came in to see a Huggies commercial playing. Of course, I was wondering what was coming next when she said "just". The commercial showed how Huggies diapers are cut so they are better fitted to an active toddler, all the while a little one is running and the daddy is running after him. At the end of the commercial there is a close up of the Huggies package and the Daddy's running foot steps right beside the package. At that point Maria speaks up "right there! I want those running shoes". I had to laugh..............................and then turn off the TV.

I also wanted to share how our family is growing..............

We have fourteen baby water turtles that have hatched over the last week. I dug up the nest when I thought they would have hatched only to find out they hadn't hatched yet. We (I should say I) brought them in the kitchen and kept an eye on them. I absolutely loved watching them!

Below is our first hatchling in Kelsey's hand. She named him Dimitri. Not sure why the name, I guess she thought it was a fitting name for a tiny turtle.

This little guy just couldn't decide if he wanted to come out into the world or not. It took him a few days to finally make up his mind.

Turtles, turtles everywhere! We're down to eleven now. Three little guys have found new homes with most of the rest of them spoken for. What fun! I've thoroughly enjoyed them! They're just my opinion;)


Lyn said...

The two turtles we adopted are doing far. They did escape once, but were recovered unharmed. We had to make some adjustments to their habitat. Luke is having a ball with them. Thanks!

Steph said...

Ohmygosh! That Maria is so cute! And...those turtles! How amazing! We saw a sea turtle nest boil at the beach one year and it was just incredible. Thanks for sharing.

Michelle said...

That is SOOOOO awesome! How did you get the eggs? My son has one of those since it was about that size.... have to show him those shots! E mail me all about it if you do not mind please :)

Michelle said...

ZION LOVED looking at your turtle pics

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