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Monday, March 9, 2009


This past week saw two birthdays in our family. Maria turned 5 on the 2nd and my sweet hubby turned "50" on the 7th. (I remember when I thought 50 was old;-) We celebrated their birthdays together on Sunday. Our kids were here and Dad and his friend Rosemary and of course Mark's mom too (she didn't remember it was Mark's birthday, so the fact that it was his big 5-0 just flew right past her) but she had a good time anyway. We all enjoyed ourselves. During church, the kids pulled our van under the front entry awning at church and decorated it so everyone would see that it was Mark's "special day" when they left church. Mark was really thrilled with that.
I made homemade pizza for lunch, which was Mark's request, and we all pigged out. Maria was so proud of her birthday cake. Since she is the farm girl, I made her cake like a barn (a pink one of course), and she just loved it! I don't know how many times she said afterward, "I had the best birthday party didn't I mom!" It was just a wonderful family day!

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Happy Birthday Mark and Maria


Danny and Brittney said...

Oh Pam, that cake of Maria's is absolutely adorable. You did a great job. Happy B-day to two very special people. I bet your homemade pizza is wonderful. Hint hint!!!! Your grandson's picture on your blog is so cute. He is an angel! I bet you really enjoy him bunches. Have a great week.

Eva said...

Happy Birthday Maria!! Wow her cake is awesome! also happy birthday to Mr. Lane!
You sure have a lovely family!

Ferrick said...

That baby boy is so very cute, I know you are enjoying every second of him. Happy Birthday Maria. I never stop thinking about you Pam, my prayer and belief is that you stay in Him. Susie

Michelle said...

How fun! So happy you had such a wonderful day!

The gFamily said...

Happy Birthday Mark and Maria! Maria and my Grant would get along wonderfully! They could play farm all day! So cute that she had a pink barn cake!! There is a farm an hour north of where we live, and all their barns are pink! Maria would LOVE it!!

Steph said...

That cake is INCREDIBLE!!! So cute!! Happy, happy birthday Mark and Maria!!

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