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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Aw, I'm sure missin' this sweet little face.......

After returning home from Guatemala, I decided to make some changes to my blog. I've removed any mention of the name of the orphanage where Nola is staying. In an effort to protect her and the progress of the case, I've also removed the link to the fund raising site. I hated to have to do that but I don't want to take any chances. I know the orphanage director would not have let us in, if she knew our connection with Nola. I couldn't take a chance of someone with authority googling "the name of the orphanage" and pulling up our blog. For now I will walk on the safe side.

We were all so blessed on our trip. It was truly a life changing event. God's hands were most definitely surrounding every aspect of the trip. It could not have been more perfect! We all left with a sincere desire to do everything we can to help all of the children housed in the Orphanage. We have already started making plans for next year. We spoke with the director about taking the children to the zoo and she loved the idea! We're talking about tie-dying little shirts so the kids are easily recognizable, taking a deep breath.................and going for it! I think we'll have a blast. We even got a quote for renting our own "chicken bus". We're thinking about going the end of July or the first of August next summer.

Between now and then, we're going to work on getting bumper pads made for the baby beds. The director said they could really use them. The beds are small, similar to portacribs. I would imagine toddlers who move around a lot when they sleep would probably bonk their heads easily since there is little wiggle room. We also hope to provide some twin size sheets for the special needs children area. They're also in need of some pack-n-plays. They currently only have one and would like to have more for the children who have seizures.

I will be returning to Guatemala for Nola's court hearing. It's scheduled for August 10th at noon. I'm praying the judge will release Nola to her foster mother and if so, I'll be able to have her with me while I'm visiting. It will be a quick trip with just Maria and me traveling.

I'm praying for good things to happen!!

One last picture. This is Mark consoling Nola after she was put in the time out chair.......................for biting! We're going to have our hands full when she comes home............but I can't wait!


Steph said...

OH! What a sweet, sweet face! That!

I know this journey to Nola is not what you had planned in your heart, but look at the incredible difference you are making in sooooo many children's lives. Amazing.

Praying for a positive decision by the judge and some movement to bring Nola closer to home, where she belongs.

Sandy said...

She is so pretty. Your trip sounds amazing. So glad God had his hands on you all. Praying for the judge to release Nola....

Gardenia said...

Hi. what a beautiful little one she is. just found your site recently. I hope your hearing date goes well. know there are people out here praying little Nola home.

The gFamily said...

I love that sweet girl! She is just so adorable!! I am so glad that you got to love on her and kiss her!!!

You guys are amazing! You are helping not only Nola but so many other kids who would never have had the opportunity to have real toys! Your heart will always have a special place for this orphanage!! I know mine does!!

I will be praying that there is movement on your case and that sweet Nola can get back into Foster care and eventually home where she needs to be!

Big hugs to you all!!

Lisa said...

I love all the photos from the trip and wanted to cry when I saw you holding Nola.
Love to all of you! I want to come next year.
Lisa S.

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