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Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Pictures Say It All!!

Shortly after I published the last post, Maria and I were eating breakfast when Gloria came in and said "we are going to the hogar in 30 minutes and we can stay for two hours". Oh my gosh!!! I wasn't ready! I still had on my nasty clothes from yesterday, hadn't brushed my hair (or my teeth) and had no way of doing that since I didn't have my deodorant (and it's hot here) but oh well.........we were going! Gloria got us permission to come and visit and then to return first thing Monday morning just to deliver the stockings.
The visit was wonderful! The kids are beautiful (including one very special snotty nosed little girl) and they are just starving for attention! I would guess there were between 40 and 50 kids from age 4 and down outside playing when we arrived and just 4 women trying to be care giver, referee, booboo soother and play partner. An impossible task! They do their best but the odds are a little overwhelming. It took Maria a few minutes to adjust to being mobbed by so many little ones but soon she was right in there playing and having a good time. She didn't recognize Nola so I had to point her out. We had had several talks about not being able to spend all of our time with Nola so as not to call attention to our relationship with her. Maria was great! She talked with Nola for a few minutes, I got a few quick snapshots, then she came over to me and said softly "we have to bring baby Nola home soon momma". I had to hold back the tears (not an easy task for me). The time went by much too fast and we had to leave. As we walked out, Nola was eating a bowl of pasta of some sort and when we walked past, she offered me a handful. I wish I had had my camera out at that point, but I didn't.
She had on mismatched shoes. She wasn't very clean but she is talking quite a bit and played very well with the other kids. As hard as it was to see her like that, I wouldn't trade those two hours for anything.
Now for news on our case. Thursday, I went straight from the airport to PGN. What an experience! Mayra took me in, talked to all the right people and after several hours, they finally found our file. It was in a stack of files that "no one is checking on" said the PGN official who finally found it. He said if the lawyer doesn't come to check on the case, the file sits with nothing done. They work on cases that people push them to work on first. He told me the judge had ordered them to try to locate family who may want Nola. He said if the investigation is finished and they find no family, our lawyer could ask to get the court date moved up. The investigation has to be finished and it hasn't been started yet, thanks to my lawyer who isn't doing anything with our case. To say I was unhappy was a severe understatement! Today at 3:00 I'm supposed to meet with a different lawyer and see what he can do to help us. We'll see how that goes.
Please keep praying! This process is so hard on these poor children! Little Kinsey is having a very hard time this trip. She wasn't feeling well, which didn't help the situation, but the longer this process drags on, the harder it is on her and all of the children. We have to pray them home!!!
I'll try to post after speaking with the lawyer.


merkley4 said...

I so hope that you can get something moving on your case!!! You are a saint!!! Nola is such a beautiful girl and you are so strong to be able to spend time with her and leave once again!!!

Joanna said...

Wow, Pam...your journey is so amazing. I am THRILLED you got to see your beautiful "snotty-nosed" sweetheart. She is just the cutest. It just breaks my heart to see Nola's case in limbo, though. That "file" is a human. I am glad you are being proactive and working towards getting Nola home. God bless you, and the wonderful blessings you are giving those sweet children in the orphannage.

Will and Aileen said...

I am so glad that you got to see Nola and get a few pictures of her. She is darling and has such a sweet little face. I pray every night that she, and Kinsey, will be able to come home to their families soon. I think it's amazing the good you have been able to do for all of those children because of your love for Nola. What a blessing you are to all of them!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

How hard it must be to not just hold Nola the whole time you are there. You are very strong. How precious those few hours are and to be able to get pictures.

Praying that the new lawyer can get things moving for you.

The gFamily said...

Nola looks amazing, snot and all! It's so great to see a pic of her with Maria!! BEAUTIFUL!!!

By you visiting PGN, will they do anything more with your case, or does it go back into that dreadful pile? And why isn't the lawyer that I thought was so great, not doing anything on your case? I just don't get why they have given up? I am glad that you haven't!! We will not give up on praying Nola home! BIg hugs to you!!

Mamita J said...

Oh Pam,

Nola is precious! I'm so glad you got to see her again.

I'm praying you get a tail-kicking lawyer to get things moving for you.


Lisa said...

Wonderful wonderful pictures - please call when you get a chance.

Michelle said...

I am so sorry Pam. It makes me so angry when I read this. Still praying...

Angie said...

Have you hired Adoption Supervsors? If it wasn't for them, we wouldn't have ever gotten our girls home. Let me know if you need any info on them.

Gardenia said...

beautiful Nola. praying you get some results from the new lawyer. praying your baby girl home.

Yesenia said...

I admire your strength and am thrilled that you were able to spend some time with your little girl. Praying she is home soon. BTW...I also tagged you. Feel free to visit my blog for details. It was a nice distraction for me and hope it is for you as well.

Nicole Saucier said...

Hi! Do you think you'll be returning to the orphanage soon? I have some brand new shirts and tank tops from my dance studio that were printed wrong. I'd love to send them to someone who could use them. I have a 2 yr old Guate tot at home. Let me know!!!! Nicole

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