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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Another Stamp In My Passport

Hello from beautiful Guatemala. I arrived yesterday and am all ready for my day today. I'm dressed up (including heels) and I have make up on........yes, me with make up on;) Certainly not in my comfy zone but I'm going all out today. This morning, Mayra is going to pick me up to go to PGN to check on the investigation. Next we're going to the judges office. Mayra couldn't get an appointment for us so we are going to sit and wait for the judge to talk to us............could be a long day.

I'm all alone on this trip so I should have plenty of time to post this evening and let you know how the day has gone.

Inviting your prayers!


Debbie said...

Praying all goes well for you today and you get the answers you are hoping for.

Becky said...

Sending our prayers as well. Hope things go well today and hopefully you will get some answers.

Danny and Brittney said...

Can't wait to hear how your day went. I wish I could see you all dressed up!!!!

S said...

Prayers from North Carolina!
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