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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Could It Be, There's Finally Some Good News To Report???

I may be getting a little ahead of myself here and I may be sorry for posting something that really hasn't been verified by anyone from our government...........yet...... but it looks like we may have something to celebrate on the adoption front.

The Presna Libre has reported that CNA has sent a proposal to the US Embassy in Guatemala outlining a way to process cases like ours. There are some stipulations stated. The case has to have been registered with PGN by 12/31/07 (our case was registered 12/27/07). There has to be proof of a bond with the child (no problem there). The case has to have Certificate of Adoptability and not be able to process under the old law. That's us!!!

I know I have gotten excited before just to be shot down but I can't help myself. I'm feeling hopeful again! The stipulations stated in the article will disallow some families from completing their adoptions and I hope this proposal by the CNA is just the beginning of a resolution. Many of those families have been in process much longer than we have so I'm praying there is going to be some on going talks between the two countries to allow all the in process families a way to bring their children home.

This news has been a long time coming. It's still really hard to believe and I'm not planning on things starting to happen very quickly (although I wish they would). Nola will be four years old in September................and we want her home!!

Please pray that the positive news continues to flow. Since my meeting with Sr. Valesquez in April, I've prayed that God would open his heart and show him a way forward for these cases. It's looking like that specific prayer is being answered! Thank you God!!


Lisa said...

As I am planning my daughter's 4th birthday party in September, this news was timely. I am hoping and praying that the tide has turned here and she will be in your arms forever in a very short time. Great news!!

Boo said...

Oh that's wonderful!! I'm so excited for you. We're still fighting to finish too. Best wishes for all of us!

Guatmama said...

This news is timely like Lisa says! I cannot believe I missed the update on my blogroll! What wonderful news, will never stop praying Nola home!

Michelle said...

I certainly hope you will be celebrating soon. It has been such a long hard road for you guys!

Steph said...

Oh wow! That is great news!!

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