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Monday, October 1, 2012

Little Bits of News

On Friday, I received two e-mails, one from USCIS and one from the US Embassy in Guatemala.  Kelley from USCIS just let me know that there hasn't been a decision made yet.  She also wanted to inform me of a meeting they were going to have with CNA today to discuss our case and cases like ours who the CNA say have no bond with their child.

The message from the Embassy was more uplifting.  We were told to write a letter to CNA documenting our visits with dates and pictures.  The Embassy will deliver the letter and support our appeal of the CNA decision.  I was up until 2am copying the information from all of our visits (13 total) and adding pictures for nearly every one.  There were some visits that I wasn't able to get pictures because I wasn't allowed but I still have the stamp in my passport to prove I was there.  When I was finished I had 8 pages!  Far too large a file to send as one attachment.  I had to divide it into three files.  I just received confirmation from the Embassy that they received all three sections.  The official said she would send the letter to CNA immediately but I would imagine there would have to be some translating done first.  Anyway, I'm resting easier since I have that job done.  Now, I only need to print out the letter and send a hard copy to the Embassy for them to keep in our file. 


I received a message from the Embassy around 6:30 letting us know our letter had been delivered to CNA.  The Director said our case would be reviewed and they would let the Embassy know if there is a possibility for our case to continue.

I'm praying specifically for the Board of Directors at the CNA to recognize the love we have for Nola.  I hope they can see our determination to bring her home hasn't diminished at all over the last five years.  I'm asking that they honor the bond we have established with our little girl and allow our case to proceed.  Please join me in that prayer!

I'll keep you all posted.

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