The greatest experience, the one which shakes a soul with hopes and fears, the results of which are never ending, and incidentally, the one which pays the biggest dividends, is to be found in the adoption of children.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Family Album

Nola's hogar director e-mailed early in the week and asked for pictures of the family.  I looked through recent pics and sent several.  On Thursday, we received an e-mail titled "Family Album".  I opened it to find the sweetest surprise.  The message said that Nola is so excited about her new family!  There were also pictures of her sitting on the floor making a family album.  The director said she has shown the album to everyone.
We have been so blessed to have our little girl placed in a home where she is loved.  The director and his wife are doing their best to see that Nola's transition from their family to ours will be as smooth as possible.  Thank you Lord!!


Garland Family said...

This is so exciting!!

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

love, love, love this!

Joanna said...

Words just can't express my excitement for both you and Nola and your entire family! I have read your blog for years, cried and cried some more. I just can not wait until Nola is home forever. Thanks for the updates!

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