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Friday, March 28, 2008

No News Yet!

OK, so I caved. I broke down and called PGN this morning. Laura told me that we are still with the second reviewer. I was really afraid she was going to say we had a previo on such 'n such a date, but that wasn't the case. That doesn't mean we can't still receive a previo, but at least we haven't received one in this first five weeks of reviewing (a good sign I hope).
You all will feel the earth shaking from me jumping for joy when we get the call.
Keep the prayers coming!

Just a little picture of Maria in her "Angelina Ballerina" outfit she got in her Easter basket. She's doing a releve'.


Ferrick said...

Pam...I check on you daily, I so very much want to see your "out" post. You know I stand with you in believing that today is the day! Your sweet girl is so darling in her ballerina outfit. Blessings, Susie

Victoria & Joe said...

WHat a gorgeous picture.. She is perfect



I am so glayou sent me here. Your family is so beautiful. I am wishing you a lucky Friday. I know it comes when you least expect it. I will hear your scream of OUT all the way to Michigan!!!!!!! I am sending all the luck I have.!!!!!! Hoping for a quick PINK!!!!!


Lisa said...

Maria, you are the number one ballerina in our book!
Ella and Lisa

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