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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Wonderful Day!

Today was our first attempt at a Guatemala Families get together. We have a group of families in our area who have adopted children from Guatemala and wanted to make an effort to get the kids together. My hope is to give the kids a chance to bond. I would love for them to share their commonalities of adoption and their heritage and strengthen each other as they grow. I also thought we as parents could discuss issues that we may or may not have in common with our children. Due to schedule conflicts today's group was the usual; Me and Maria and my good friend Lisa and her sweet daughter Ella. Lisa and I have been getting together every month or so for quite some time. I think after seeing Maria and Ella together today, they very well could be the new up and coming "Dynamic Duo". They are so much alike, you would swear they were sisters. It's really crazy how similar they are. Their biggest difference is their appetites. I think Ella would eat anything you put on a plate in front of her while Maria looks at it, smells it, thinks about it, and then says "I don't want this" usually followed by "it's not good" or "I don't like it".

The two girls are such a joy to watch. They've an endless supply of energy that keeps their "old mammas" hoppin'.

Here's to the next get together. Hoping we see some new faces.

Maria actually shared some of her toys!

They both enjoyed coloring.... ......and climbing, swinging and sliding.

And what beautiful almost Spring day isn't complete without bubbles!

It was simply a wonderful day!


Ferrick said...

Praise God for the sunshine and wonderful friends. So happy to hear your joyful heart. Susie

Lisa said...

Oh Pam, these photos are sooooo precious. I feel a "blog coming on." Can I post Maria's photo (with no name and address of course)?

It was a magical day,and Ella has never played so long and so happily with another child before.

I'm convinced they are cousins!

I'll be calling to set a date for the next meeting, which will be up here in the "north."

Lisa & Ella

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