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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Praise The Lord, We Got Some News!!!

It's just a little bit of news, but news just the same. We received a message from our agency that our lawyer has petitioned the court to have Nola returned to her foster family as soon as possible. That means our case is before "a judge" and is in "a court". We don't know which judge or what type of court, but knowing something is so much better than knowing nothing. Our lawyer felt that the first item of business was to get Nola out of the hogar. He feels that he needs to be cautious about asking too much of the Judge so he is taking matters slowly right now. We're just so glad to hear there is a chance that Nola will be back with Ingrid and her family. Our agency gave me a list of questions they are trying to get our lawyer to answer. Hopefully we will know more soon.
For now I am praising God for giving us some much needed news!


Deb said...

Pam- you are before a judge in family court- all the cases were sent there if a Birth Mother Interview was not able to be conducted. The judge will rule on your case as if it was an abandonment case if I read the information correctly on the other sites. There is only one other case I know that after the judge ruled in FC to approve the adoption that PGN took the case back and sent it through the process again. the process should be that the udge in family court will rule on your adoption case- he/she will either declare it approved or not- there is no appeal. Once the ruling comes down, you would pick up with the steps that occur for all cases after PGN.
This all supposes that PGN is not going to pull a powerplay and after the judge rules, pull the cases back for the regular PGN process.

I hope this helps. Love and hugs to you,

Gail said...

I am so happy you got some good news. I will be praying a judge will listen and make that wonderful decision.

Eric and Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

Praying that the judge keeps Nola's best interests in mind. Hope you hear more soon...

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

so glad to hear you received some news. How heartbreaking it all is. I hope they get the process moving again and she is back with a loving family while she waits.

Joanna said...

I'm relieved you got some news. I also pray for a judge that will make the decision to return Nola to her foster family and then into your arms forever.

Much love,

Ferrick said...

Amen!!! Dear Lord, in the name of Jesus, we as that you direct Nola's file to the Guat judge who has a heart for you, adoption, Nola and her family. We plead your blood of protection over Nola and her adoption so that no additional harm or evil come upon her. We praise you for who you are and the glory that will be revealed through this precious girl and her family. Love you Pam, Susie

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