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Monday, January 4, 2010

Better Late Than Never!

We finally got around to taking our family Christmas picture. You know, the one most families take well before Christmas and then make it into a Christmas card. Well, first of all, I didn't send Christmas cards this even one! And second of all, I've never been on top of my game enough to get the annual picture done early enough that it could be turned into greeting cards. The picture has always been for me. I just like to look back through the years and see how our family has changed and grown. I've decided at the point we are now, there is no need to have a Christmas tree as the background to our photo. Even though we have a nine foot tree, only the very tip top of it shows in a picture when we're all in front of it. But it's tradition. Another tradition seems to be Mark threatening to take the tree down the day after Christmas and me holding out for the time when all the kids can come over to get that all important photographic memoir. Maybe taking our family Christmas picture after Christmas is my way of keeping the tree up just a little bit longer. One year, the tree was still up on Valentines day. I just love a Christmas tree, always have and probably always will.
I was going to start taking the decorations off today but instead, I sat down to write this post. Darn, I guess the tree will have to wait until tomorrow.........or the next day;)


Yesenia said...

Great family photo! I love trees too!!!! We usually keep the tree until the, the tree stays up until we can get to it next weekend.

Lisa said...

When Nola comes home I'll help you put the Xmas tree back up regardless of what month it is in.
Photo of the family is beautiful adn befitting a beautiful family. And of course the new floors are spectacular.

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