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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ah.......A Much Needed Distraction!

After a couple of very busy weeks of work and several weeks of feeling down about how things are moving in Guatemala, Mark let me know he had the week end off and was planning a special surprise for Maria. Knowing how much his baby girl loves to romp and play in the snow, he decided we needed to head down to Paoli Peaks to spend the day snow tubing. Maria didn't know where we were going, just that Daddy had a surprise for her. We loaded up the truck and hit the road. After asking for probably the twentieth time "Are we there yet?", she gave up and she and Monkey snoozed on the trip down.

It's about a two hour drive on some twisting turning roads ,which she would have enjoyed had she been awake. Probably the closest thing to a roller coaster she'll get for quite some time. I don't know if she'll ever be tall enough to meet the height requirement to ride a real one. Anyway, it was a perfect day. The warmest we've had for a while. It's a little expensive but we had such a good time. Listening to her squeal with delight on the way down the hills was absolutely priceless!

I don't know how many times she said afterwards "thank you so much for my was so fun!"
It was what we all needed, to get away and just have some fun. Yes, even me, the one who sooo wants winter to be over, had a good time in the snow. I might even be fine with one more trip down there before they close for the winter ;)

What a great idea for a fun day daddy!

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Guatmama said...

I have a feeling you wound right past my house!!! Glad you had a great time

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