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Friday, February 4, 2011

Yet Another Disappointment!

Yesterday we received the long awaited update from the USCIS. There was no information in the update that we didn't already know. I guess it confirmed data. We waiting families are getting to be a pretty close knit group so when someone gets out of PGN, we all know. When someone receives the date for their Embassy appointment, we all know. So to read those statistics in the update, as if they were some sort of revelation, was disappointing to say the least! During our phone conference with Ambassador Jacobs, we were lead to believe we would find out "how many cases could be completed in X amount of time" and "what path those cases would take to completion". There was no mention of any of that.
We were told that the working group in Guatemala is meeting once a week and the Embassy is in close contact with the working group. Well gee, now that makes me feel all warm and cozy!
Maybe, just maybe, there is work going on that isn't being shared. I hope that's the case, otherwise, it looks like what we received in December were more empty promises.

The link to the update:

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