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Thursday, January 3, 2008

And The Year Just Keeps Getting Better

Today was picture day! I don't know about anyone else, but I just live for picture day. It's amazing how new pictures can lift your spirits. What a chubby little cutie pie she is! We sent down some clothes about a month ago and she is in one of those outfits, and filling it out quite nicely. I think it may be time for some new "bigger" clothes. Well for some reason my computer won't upload the images to the blog (or maybe the blogger doesn't know what she's doing). I'll try again later.......finally....SUCCESS!!!! Isn't she a doll?


Pam L said...

OK, I've tried until I'm sick of trying. I even broke down and asked for help from my kids and my husband. Nobody can figure it out. This post is just going to have to be pictureless. Just take my word for it....she's adorable!

the gFamily said...

She is a doll! Picture day is wonderful!! I bet you are still staring at her picture!

Jennifer & Craig said...

She's adorable!! What a cutie!!
Jen :)

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