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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Latest News

We have had updates from our agency, but there's just not a lot of info to share. There have been rumors that the new Central Authority has at least a temporary office and some if not all of the officials in place. Our agency has stated that they believe the office will be up and running "soon". My problem is; whose idea of soon are we talking about? We also learned in an update yesterday that cases in PGN will have to receive a previo (or a kick out) before any additional documents can be added to the case file. That means that our case will have to receive a previo before PA (Embassy Pre-Approval) can be added. I'm still praying that we receive PA before we receive a previo. Also praying that the new Central Authority, which our case will have to be registered with to be resubmitted t0 PGN, is up and running at that point. I'm not expecting us to receive PA until the end of this coming week at the earliest. For now we're just going to hang around and wait........just love that waiting. I think it's time to do some Banjo pickin'. I need a little pick me up!

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