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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Fears Are Taking a Back Seat!

We arrived in Guatemala without a hitch..............almost. We packed two suitcases but only one arrived. There's a problem. Kelsey has no clothes with exception of what she has on. She's not a happy camper. Maria has nothing and Mark and I have t-shirts. Soooooooooo, things didn't start out too well, but when we arrived at the hotel, Ingrid was waiting with our little sweetie. What a difference a little brown eyed girl can make. Somehow the fact we didn't have deodorant, know, things like that, just seemed to fade in the background. Nola is just beautiful! So much more smiley than before and she's cute! She has two teeth just breaking through and she waves bye-bye. I can't believe how much she has changed since the first part of May.

We had a meeting with our lawyers assistant yesterday. She assured us that our lawyer won't stop until he finds our birth mother. He believes he knows what city she is in now, it's just a matter of finding her..........he thinks. They asked us to try and be patient and trust them. I feel somewhat better, but I'm afraid it's because we have Nola in our arms right now. I know when we have to go home and leave her, I'll be a basket case again, but lets not think about that now.

Maria is taking to her new little sister pretty well, and Kelsey is adoring her! Maria wants to do everything for Nola but is a little annoyed that Nola poops in her diaper instead of on the toilet. In Maria's words, "that's nasty". Other than that, Maria is adjusting much better than I had anticipated

Maria and I, all strapped in and ready to fly!!!!!

Kels isn't amused with the obsessive picture taking

Kels with Nola on our first day

Our two little Guatemalan cuties!

Got a little bit of wild hair going on, but what a doll baby!

Sorry this post has been such a long time coming. It's just not been as easy to find time to write this trip. Since I first started this post, our luggage has arrived.....Woo Hoo, and I have been getting very well acquainted with the bathroom.....Yuck, but today seems to be a better day. I won't promise to write again before we get home because I know I probably won't have time, but we have lots of pictures to post later.

Today is our last full day with Nola and we're going to soak it all in. Please keep her in your prayers. I'm afraid we may have a long wait ahead of us but I am trusting we will get through it.

Remember the Reyher's too. Little Kinsey is such a doll. She and Nola will get to be good buddies as they grow.

Bye for now


Anonymous said...

Wow, sounds like an eventful trip already! Glad you made it....and your luggage eventually too! The pics of Maria and Nola together are beautiful! Praying that the BM is found so Nola can be in your arms forever. Enjoy every moment with your sweet baby girl!

josh n ali said...

Nola is getting so big! Those checks need kissed by all of us at home! It's been a quiet weekend here...actually borderline boring without Maria to keep us entertained! We love and miss all of you! Be safe coming home! Kels...sorry about the headaches,hope you are feeling better and enjoying the trip!

Eric and Michelle said...

I am praying every time both of your families come to mind. Gosh those little girls are adorable sweeties. Jesus bless you I know this is so incredibly difficult. How joyous coming home will be!

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