The greatest experience, the one which shakes a soul with hopes and fears, the results of which are never ending, and incidentally, the one which pays the biggest dividends, is to be found in the adoption of children.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Preparing For Travel

Well it looks as though we will be able to meet with our lawyer while we are in Guatemala. Our agency is ironing out the details, but it looks like Friday will be the day. We're hoping to find out what has been done up to this point to locate Nola's birth mother and what more will be done. Please pray that I won't be a blubbering mess. I don't think that would make a very good impression, but I have been quite the faucet face the last few days.

On a lighter note, our son Kyle has added to his "body art". He got his first tattoo when he was old enough to get it without our consent and recently added a new one. He has honored his Guatemalan born sister and sister to be on his right shoulder.

The Guatemalan flag with two stars added

to represent each one of the girls

Kyle and Maria

I'll keep you all posted on all of happenings in Guatemala.

Friday will mark our 6 month anniversary in PGN....WOW!

Today's uplifting scripture from "Hugs from Heaven".....

Don't get discouraged. I'm close to the brokenhearted,

and I specialize in rescuing you when you're crushed in spirit.

Your weakness is the perfect opportunity for my power to shine.

Meanwhile, I give you my all-sufficient grace.

from Psalm 34:18; 2 Corinthians 12:9

Side note, after our recent news, I have lifted my self imposed ban from the Internet (obviously). I'm not on much, and I'm staying away from the forums but I just don't feel comfortable distancing myself from the one connection I have with Guatemala right now. Go ahead and say it Mark.............I'm weak!


The gFamily said...

I am so glad that you will get the opportunity to meet with the lawyer! I pray that things go well and the birth mother is found soon! You have been on my heart a lot!!!

Very fun tattoo!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the tattoo!! Have a great trip to Guatemala. Praying that you are able to meet with the attorney and get some more info...and praying the birthmom is found soon.

Steph said...

The tattoo is great!!! What an awesome big brother.

That is wonderful you get to meet with your attorney and hopefully get some answers. I have been thinking and praying for your family constantly.

Ferrick said...

Pam, you know your in my prayers. Turn to Him, HIs Word, HIs promises and speak only life. If you nothing else, watch your word, "for what you speak comes to pass". Covering you and your attorney in prayer. Great tatoo...Susie

Eric and Michelle said...

Still praying for you! Love the tattoo

One Busy Momma said...

Hope your daughter's first mom is able to be located for her interview!
Good luck meeting with your attorney. Hopefully he has some more leads on locating her.

Love the tattoo!!


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