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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wow, Have I Been A Slacker Or What?

I can't believe it's been so long since I've posted. I've actually started several posts and just haven't finished them. Such a busy time lately and when I wasn't busy, I just wasn't in a typing mood. The holidays were so hard with no news of Nola but there were lots of happenings in the Lane household.

We'll start off with Maria's Gotcha Day. December 5th was our four year anniversary. It's hard to believe four years have passed! We threw tradition out the window this year. No traditional Guatemalan food. Maria wanted pizza and pink cake with pink icing so her wish was granted..... and thoroughly enjoyed!
The next picture is of Mark and I just before we left for our first night of our church Christmas Concert. Our Choir worked on this Cantata since September and performed it on Friday and Sunday night the weekend before Christmas. There were several difficult pieces but everyone worked very hard and it turned out beautifully! Doesn't my hubby look handsome in his black suit? (don't know why I don't have any shoes on.............oh well)
Now on to a sweet yummy Saturday of fun, Christmas candy making day. Alison and I (and Maria, of course) made Christmas candy the Saturday before Christmas. It was a very full day that actually spilled over into the following afternoon. Everything turned out great with the exception of my toffee. It took three ruined batches before I finally got it right but the final product was really tasty!

What a bunch of candy!!!

There are more pictures of Christmas morning than anyone
wants to look at but here are a few.
The scene before the unwrapping began.

Kelsey and Maria patiently waiting for everyone else to get up
and me to get the video camera on.

Maria decided a couple of months ago she's going to be a farmer when she grows up. She assigned jobs to all of us but her main concern was having a "pink" tractor to drive. Santa took care of that problem for now.

No one can accuse the Lane family of being party poopers. New Years Eve was a "Rockin" time in our living room. Josh and Alison brought over their Guitar Hero and we all got in on the action. Talk about fun! The highlight of the evening might have been Kyle's lyrical rendition of "Jam And Toast"................"on the wheat bread" (you really had to be there).
We all had a blast!

Ok, I'm quitting for now. I've got you all pretty well caught up. Here's wishing everyone a very Happy New Year!

We're praying the new year brings good news for all of the children in Guatemala waiting to be united with their forever families! Please continue to pray with us.


Guatmama said...

Love all the pics, and the tractor, Sam got a green one.

Is Maria always naked?? I love it, it seems I always post pics of Sam in the morning without pants!

Eric and Michelle said...

Looks like such a nice family time :)

Jamie said...

Four to five year olds just don't like clothes do they? How funny!
I can't believe all the candy you guys made - that's awesome.

Lisa said...

Wonderful family, wonderful photos. Even caught a glimpse of your grandson in your arms in one of them.
Great to see you guys the other day - check out my family blog to see our Guatemalan princesses in action!!

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