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Monday, April 6, 2009

And the News Just Keeps On Comin'

Some good and be the judge. We found out today that the PGN has finished their report and found no problems with our paperwork (woo hoo! that's the good news). The report was delivered to the judge and the judge has set the court date when she will rule on our case. Now, here comes the news that I wish were different. The court date is not until August 10th, four months away! That will be a month and a week before Nola turns two. After the ruling, we will still have a long road to travel before we can bring her home.
I am praising God for the progress in our case just wishing things could move..........a little quicker.
Keep the prayers coming and I will keep you all posted.


Jo Jo said...
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Jo Jo said...

Pam, I am thankful you are finally getting some news on Nola, and I'm THRILLED beyond words that your case has been approved and you can finally move forward with Nola. I pray God can move your case closer than August. Waiting that long is just torture, but it's such a relief to know there is an end in sight and that Nola will get to come home soon.

God Bless!


Michelle said...

Praise the Lord for progress. Praying... He can do above and beyond what we can ask or think. All in His plan and His timing. He is working, I believe that!

Boo said...

I am so excited about your good news! Th waiting is hard but it will be so worth it in the end!

merkley4 said...

Wow!! Progress!! I am so happy that you are getting good news. When Marayna was taken by the PGN, we hired a Lawyer in Guatemala, who was able to get our date moved up by months. It was June, and the date was scheduled for August. He ended up being able to get it moved to within a few days. email me if you would like his name. He will work in collaboration with your current attorney.


Steph said...

Oh wow. Thank God for some kind of movement. Praying you are holding that sweet girl very soon.

Will and Aileen said...

So glad that you finally have news of some sort, but I wish it was a bit sooner! We'll keep praying for you to bring Nola home very soon. It can't hurt to ask God to arrange an earlier hearing, can it??

Garland Family said...

I have had computer problems and have not read your updates. I was excited to read that there is an update, but pray that things move faster than August. I will keep you in my prayers.

The Adoption Journey of Baby King said...

So happy to see some progress. I check frequently for updates on Nola's case. I just can't imagine not knowing how she is doing. My prayers are with you.

I love the 5 year pictures. She is beautiful.

Mamita J said...


I am so glad for the good news on Nola's case. I'm sorry you have to wait for August to roll around before she can have a hearing. May God give you peace as you wait and may Nola find favor with the judge. I'll start praying now that all the ducks are in a row for that court date and all goes smoothly, so she can come home ASAP.

Julie (LRH)

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