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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Oh Yes, I Believe.........

...........There Are Angels Among Us!

(Hogar name has been deleted to protect Nola)

I posted a while back that I had been in touch with an organization who would locate Nola for us for a fee, $500 to be exact. Well, I received a very unexpected e-mail from the person I had been in contact with from the agency. He said he had his paralegal do some checking and found that Nola was only in the first orphanage for about 15 days and then was sent to **** *******. As far as he knows, Nola is still there. **** ******* is an hogar specifically for babies and toddlers overseen by the First Lady in Guatemala City. I haven't been able to get any information about the hogar yet. I have read that orphanages overseen by First Lady's in the past have not been very well managed but hopefully this one is an exception to the rule. Did I mention, the man gave me this information out of the goodness of his heart. No money changed hands. He truly is an angel.

Now...........the rest of the story:

The plane tickets are purchased and plans are being made. My friend Brittney and I are flying down to Guatemala on the 26th to see what information we can get for ourselves and hopefully, I'm praying, I'll be able to get in to see Nola. Our angel from Guatemala spoke with Brittney tonight and told her he didn't think there would be a problem with me getting in to see her. Amazing, it's just amazing how kind and helpful this man has been to me and to Brittney. God sent him to us at just the perfect time. Just when I thought I couldn't take any more, God heard the alarm bells ringing and said "better send an angel to Pam with some good news". What a difference it's made in my outlook. Thank you Lord!!!!!

Please pray that the director will allow me to visit Nola. Pray that the time in Guatemala will be productive and enjoyable for Brittney and me.


Michelle said...

I am praying. Praise Jesus!

Mamita J said...


That is incredible news! I'm so glad someone cared enough to look for you. Bless his heart.

May you have a wonderful and productive trip. May you see that Nola is being well cared for with your very own eyes. May the Guat gov't have mercy on you and Nola and set her free. May God go before you and clear the way and show you each step.


merkley4 said...

Oh my goodness!!! What amazing news!!! We will be praying for you and your sweet Nola. I hope that this trip bring you all of the answers that you have been waiting SO LONG for.

Guatmama said...

You better believe prayers are being lifted for you! Amazing, wonderful, a miracle.

Eva said...

wow Pam! that is just great!
I will be praying so everything goes smoothly and you can get to see Nola very soon!
And maybe we can meet each other!?
take care!

The gFamily said...

That is VERY exciting news! Praise God for angels!! I am so excited that you get to go to Guatemala soon, and I am praying for more miracles while you are there!!

Ferrick said...

Oh Pam....this news is a BLESSING! I believe, I believe! :)

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