The greatest experience, the one which shakes a soul with hopes and fears, the results of which are never ending, and incidentally, the one which pays the biggest dividends, is to be found in the adoption of children.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Our Sunday

Our typical Sunday starts out with rushing around for showers, ironing clothes, chokin' down some breakfast and getting ready for church. I leave about one hour earlier than Mark and the girls so I can run through the morning music set with our praise team and make sure we are all set to lead the congregation in praise and worship. After the music, Mark and I get to sit together and enjoy studing and listening to our pastor's message. Pretty much the same routine every Sunday, including our after church ritual. We haven't left church before Maria announces that we need to go get some "icing cookies". We can't go home without stopping by our local IGA and getting some Lofthouse Frosted Sugar Cookies (not the best in my opinion, but I have accepted the fact that my opinion doesn't count). If you aren't familiar with these cookies, each one has enough icing for about four cookies, and they are so soft that they are easily crumbled into a thousand pieces (I believe that's where Maria's joy comes from). We usually go for the pink icing but today we ventured off from the ordinary and chose the blue icing! At least today I talked her into waiting until we got home to open them. She quickly stripped down, sat down to the table and enjoyed!

What a little stinker!!

We hope to hear from our attorney either Monday or Tuesday. Hopefully we will find out that we have been resubmitted to PGN. (That is providing our case has been released from PGN so we can be resubmitted)

That's all for now.................I'm going to go clean up blue icing!

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The gFamily said...

That is hilarious and adorable! LOVE IT!

Praying that you can get back into PGN this week with a super fast OUT!!

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