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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Update Monday Came and Went

In some instances, no news is good news, but in the case of Guatemalan adoptions right now, no news news. Our update Monday came and went with no update. I wasn't really surprised. I had hoped for but didn't expect any good news. Guatadopt is posting that the courts have upheld the appointments of the new CNA representatives by the current president. That should be good news. Now if the CNA can finally get moving and start issuing certificates of registration that would be wonderful. The question now is if the forms used to register the in process cases will be valid since they were developed by members of the CNA who have been replaced.
What remains to be seen is if any of us will retain any measure of sanity when this whole mess is over.

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Victoria & Joe said...

Sanity? That was an option in this mess? I didn't realize keeping it was an option.

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