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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

What a Bummer!

Well once again our attorney updates didn't include any news for us. According to our attorney, the PGN has still not released our file for him to pick up. It is anyone's guess as to when that will happen. There have been people with our agency who have posted that the information they received from Laura at PGN was incorrect. One poor family was told, by Laura, that their case was approved only to find out from their attorney that they had actually received another previo. This is rough, but I've decided I've spoken to PGN's Laura for the last time. It doesn't do me any good to hear news about our case from anyone other than our lawyer. If we really did receive a previo on Jan 22nd, it sure is taking someone a heck of a long time to sign off on our file so it can be picked up. So from here on out, I'll be in the dark about our file in PGN until I hear from our attorney.
I'm praying to hear something very soon!

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Lisa said...

This is indeed a bummer Pam, but it will all be straightened out.

I love the photos on your website.


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